Fire Chief Russ Sanders: Fire Prevention is the Key

Fire Chief Russ Sanders talks about his early career in the fire service and the leadership of Captain John Ridge. He learned about the importance of command presence the role in a company officer in shaping the fire company and the department. He also talks about the importance of fire prevention...


Chief Rich Marinucci: Get Involved!

Chief Rich Marinucci says get involved! He urges firefighters be personable and to meet people outside your department. He recalls many of the great fire service leaders that he’s encountered over the years and how that has helped him grow.


Chief Rich Marinucci: Respect

Chief Rich Marinucci talks about how he started in the volunteer fire service, eventually becoming a career firefighter, and later a fire chief. He always focused on training and being a life-long student of the fire service to be proficient in what you’re doing. Rich talks about the changes in the...


Congressman Steny Hoyer: Most Proud…

Congressman Steny Hoyer is most proud of “showing up” and being faithful to his constituents, and firefighters, and doing things to make communities better. He notes that you may not succeed every day, but there is accomplishment in knowing that you have tried every day to make a difference.


Congressman Steny Hoyer: Supporting the American Fire Service

Congressman Steny Hoyer talks about the Fire Service Caucus, the largest caucus in U.S. Congress, and its connection to the fire service and the community. He also talks about legislation like the FIRE ACT and SAFER grants programs, which support their work in the communities and let them know that...


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Inspiration for the Next Generation of Fire Service Leadership

The Legacies in Leadership video series captures thoughts from fire service leaders with advice for the next generation of leaders. Viewers will hear how the nation's fire service legacies started their careers, learn about the impact of notable emergency incidents, and perspectives on how the fire service has changed and what the future holds.

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