Bill Webb: Leading the Congressional Fire Service

Bill Webb discusses how much the fire service has changed and about the passion many have to keep our firefighters safe. He urges all firefighters who want to be great leaders, no matter what their rank, to keep pursing education and be accountable for their actions.


Dr. Denise Smith: Saving Firefighters Lives Through Research

Sudden cardiac events are the leading cause of firefighter line-of-duty deaths, but it also leads to early retirements and non-fatal events on the fireground or during operations. Dr. Smith’s works to detect cardiovascular disease and managing the risk factors we can decrease the burden of...


Chief Ronald Jon Siarnicki: Lessons Learned from an Incident

Chief Ronald Jon Siarnicki recalls a call from early in his career as a fire officer, where a victim was trapped in a well. Not only did that incident involve an out of the box solution, but it involved a great deal communication with the victim, and later on with the rescuers when they reviewed...


Chief Ronald Jon Siarnicki: Leadership Advice

Chief Ronald Jon Siarnicki says that becoming a leader in the fire service involves three things: education, staying current with the developments in the fire service, and personal skills are all important. He also urges future leaders to identify where their “line in the sand” is.


Chief Ronald Jon Siarnicki: How I Came to the NFFF

Growing up in the fire service, Chief Ronald Jon Siarnicki joined the volunteer fire service at sixteen, but knew that he wanted to serve as a career firefighter. In 1978, he became a career firefighter in Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department and worked his way up to Chief of Department...


Chief Ronald Jon Siarnicki: The Future of the Fire Service

Technology and evidence-based research is changing the face of the fire service. Chief Ronald Jon Siarnicki talks about the evolution of fire prevention, fire suppression, and EMS response in America. He notes that the fire service will grow by combining lessons learned with evidence-based research...


Chief Ronald Jon Siarnicki: A Life Helping Others

Chief Ronald Jon Siarnicki talks about the work of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the commitment of the organization to honoring America’s fallen firefighters, assist their families, and prevent firefighter deaths and injuries. He also talks about leaving the fire service, or...


About the Series

Inspiration for the Next Generation of Fire Service Leadership

The Legacies in Leadership video series captures thoughts from fire service leaders with advice for the next generation of leaders. Viewers will hear how the nation's fire service legacies started their careers, learn about the impact of notable emergency incidents, and perspectives on how the fire service has changed and what the future holds.

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