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Dr. Denise Smith: Saving Firefighters Lives Through Research

Sudden cardiac events are the leading cause of firefighter line-of-duty deaths, but it also leads to early retirements and non-fatal events on the fireground or during operations. Dr. Smith’s works to detect cardiovascular disease and managing the risk factors we can decrease the burden of...


Dr. Gavin Horn: This Generation of Firefighters

During a UL Study, Dr. Gavin Horn notes that the new generation of firefighters that were a part of helping with the study will bring a new perspective to the fire service. They are able to find information differently and are collaborating in new ways.


Dr. Gavin Horn: Supporting the Fire Service Through Research

Dr. Gavin Horn is a research engineer for UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute, Senior Research Scientist for the Illinois Fire Service Institute Research Institute, and an alumnus of the Savoy Fire Department. He grew up around the fire service community and later became a part of it. After...


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Inspiration for the Next Generation of Fire Service Leadership

The Legacies in Leadership video series captures thoughts from fire service leaders with advice for the next generation of leaders. Viewers will hear how the nation's fire service legacies started their careers, learn about the impact of notable emergency incidents, and perspectives on how the fire service has changed and what the future holds.

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