Chief Steve Hirsch: Lessons Learned at an Incident

For Chief Steve Hirsch, his department’s response to a fatal Christmas fire reminds him of the dedication and compassion of the nation’s volunteer fire service. Leadership isn’t always about rank, sometimes it’s about putting your heart into whatever you’re doing.


Dr. Gavin Horn: Engineering and the Fire Service

A multi-disciplinary response is required to address the risks of the fire service. Different types of engineering can make the world a safer place, but we also need policy and legal experts who can champion these improvements in government.


Dr. Gavin Horn: Evolution and the Future

Communities change and they people live and move around their environment. Dr. Gavin Horn talks about the who adapting to that change is part of the fire service. As things evolve, there will be more risks and the fire service, who responds to the call for help, must adapt and develop resources for...


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Inspiration for the Next Generation of Fire Service Leadership

The Legacies in Leadership video series captures thoughts from fire service leaders with advice for the next generation of leaders. Viewers will hear how the nation's fire service legacies started their careers, learn about the impact of notable emergency incidents, and perspectives on how the fire service has changed and what the future holds.

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